Ronaldo boosts United Uefa confidence as Barcelona is predicted to struggle against Bayern.

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The Uefa Champions League kicks off tonight and we will be having some great games doing down across the globe. I will briefly discuss the matches I am looking forward to today because they are going to be entertaining.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

A lot of things would be going through the mind of the Barcelona team and club tonight and it looks like the past would be haunting them again in the Uefa Champions League. Bayer Munich went on to defeat Barcelona 8 - 2 the season they defeated Paris Saint-German in the final of the 2019/20 season.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't be having Lionel Messi in the team but doesn't that mean they don't stand a chance against the ferocious attacking Bayern Munich side that have scored twenty-eight goals in five matches in all competitions in the 2021/22 campaign.

I have seen a lot of predictions about Bayern Munich getting another flawless victory against Barcelona which is difficult to oppose but we can't completely write them off. Barcelona has been doing great this season without the service of Lionel Messi and I think they can put up a good fight against the Bundesliga Champions.

The match would be going down later tonight at Camp Nou and Barcelona would be having the home ground advantage in the match but playing in front of the home crowd doesn't guarantee success and if it does, it wouldn't be against a team like Bayern Munich a team that has intimidated Barcelona in different encounters.

Young boys vs Manchester United

The red devil would be marching with Ronaldo, the prolific striker would be featuring in his first Champions League match for United since his return to the club.

His presence can bring success to the club in the campaign since the United hasn't won the title since he left in 2009. Ronaldo has won the title four times since he left the United and his contributions to Real Madrid's success in the competition can't be ignored.

United stands a great chance of getting a sound victory based on the team's current form, United is currently in a good shape with Ronaldo, Fernandez, Greenwood, Pogba, and others doing exorbitantly great in the English Premier League.

Both sides have met in the 2018 campaign and United defeated them home and away, we could be seeing the same thing happening season with Young Boy struggling in the Swiss League. They have played 5 games so far this season but have won 2, drew 2, and lost 1, this is something we hardly see from the team because we have seen how strong their dominance has been in the league before now.

It's hard to condemn any team in the competition since the best from every league are present there competing for glory. I am personally looking forward to seeing a great game between both sides.

Chelsea vs Zenit St Petersburg

The Uefa Champions League title holders would be looking forward to defending their title this season as they take on a Russian side in the first match of the campaign.

Chelsea unbelievably conquered the world and they could be doing that again judging from how they have handled the English Premier League this season. The club has strengthened their squad with the signing of new players like Lukaku who is looking pumped up to take the club to glory.

Chelsea stands a great chance against the visitors, they are in great shape better than Zenit, they are playing at Stamford Bridge and I believe that nothing is stopping them from getting all three points from the match.

It would be the first time both sides are meeting in the Competition, let hope the best team wins.

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