My weekend with Football..


Who doesn't love the weekend?

I can say for everyone but it is my best day of the week, it is an opportunity to rest for many of us but my rest has some spices that make the weekend great.


What are the spices?

I call it spices because it adds more fun to my weekend or what's the purpose of spices if not for making things great. Football is my weekend spice, engaging in the sports world brings a lot of excitement. I don't know how this happens but I always look forward to the weekend from midweek just because of the matches that would be going down across the world.

To make it adventurous, I decided to take my English Premier League fantasy game very seriously. Last weekend was great because my team did great and I could have been among the top winners around the world if I understood the competition well.

My team ended up with 91 points and Mohammed Salah led them to victory with 34 points, it would have been awesome if I had tripled my captain point.


It is one of the boosts we get every weekend.


This week

I didn't make changes in the team that played last week, Salah remains my Captain while Son is the vice-captain.


Aside from sports, today would have been a very lazy day for me because it started raining here at midnight and since I don't have anything important to do outside, I would just remain indoors as I enjoy the sweet blessing of nature.


These are the images I took this morning in my compound while it was raining.





Happy weekend everyone.

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