League Football Resumes: Premier League matches preview.


Last weekend was boring because something was missing, I tried replacing what was missing with other things but nothing eventually fitted in, and to save myself from reaching a new height of boredom, I decided to engage on different social platforms and it eventually ended with me writing a fictional story.

Sometimes it baffles me how I can get the inspiration for writing even during my worse moments and been productive in times like that makes me feel better.

To cut the story short, the resumption of football leagues across the globe makes me feel a lot better heading into the weekend.
The International break came up last week and the league matches were on hold because lots of players had to represent their countries at the ongoing World Cup qualifiers, the results were great with my country bagging six points in two matches but I am not just a fan of country matches because we rarely see upsets as we see in the league matches.

The fans, the atmosphere, the actions are just spectacular when it comes to league matches and I would be paying more attention to the English Premier League since it is my favorite.

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham.

As it stands, the league is still going in favor of the big guys as Tottenham sits at the top of the table but how long will they be able to hold on to the top spot. They will face Crystal Palace, a team that hasn't gotten a victory yet after three matches.

It would be a great game and the presence of Harry Kane would be a big boost for Spurs.

Arsenal vs Norwich City.

Both teams haven't gotten a victory so far in the Premier League this season and they will be looking forward to breaking the losing spell that has been cast on them.

Arsenal has the edge as the match would be going down at the Emirates Stadium.

Brentford vs Brighton

The newcomers are proving to be prepared for the league and not losing after three matches show how much determination they came with from the second division but would they be able to continue the unbeaten streak against Brighton?

The visitors have won twice out of three matches they have played so far this season and I think they are determined to make their mark in the league.

Leicester City vs Man City

The two teams are in great shape but have lost one match each since the beginning of the league.

Both sides would be looking forward to extending their lead on the table and it might not look as easy as many have predicted for Manchester City, don't forget Manchester City lost the community shield to Leicester City in August.

Man United vs Newcastle United.

I would have just concluded in my head that this would be a victory for the Reds but the match must be played.

United fans are anxious to Cristiano play since his return and I think he got the perfect opponent if he would be playing this weekend and I hope Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn't ruin the game with a terrible lineup.

Southampton vs Westham United.

Southampton's performance has been unbelievable this season and I wonder what's going on with the team, they haven't won any match so far this season.

Westham United on the other hand has been spectacular so far this season, they currently sit on the second spot behind Spurs and have scored ten goals in three matches and they won't be going in easy against Southampton.

Watford vs Wolverhampton

The two teams aren't impressive so far with their performance but the home team has gotten three points out of nine while the visitors have nothing to show for their fantastic performance this season.

Wolves have played great games but they are finding it difficult to grab their first win of the season, I hope they can finally register a victory this season.

Chelsea vs Aston Villa

This is going to be a great game for the weekend and I see Chelsea fans looking forward to getting a victory. The blues under the new manager have won twice and drawn one match so far this season.

Aston Villa isn't at their best and might not be able to stand against the Chelsea force, they have only gotten one victory and they look promising.

Leeds vs Liverpool

Leeds hasn't shown the determination they exhibited last season, it baffles me how they are yet to get a victory after three matches. They have drawn twice which is not enough to threaten other teams.

Liverpool has done themselves well by winning twice this season and they have drawn once in three matches. It would be a tough game because we saw how both teams battled last season.

Everton vs Burnley.

Everton has continued from where they stopped last season and they have a good chance against Burnley.
They have shown good resilience this season after three matches and Burnley wouldn't be of many problems to them.

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