Could this be the return of the Legend???


The football world has gone wild since the news of Cristiano Ronaldo went across the globe that he might probably be joining his old team rival Manchester City but another news went flying around today that the Portuguese forward might be returning to his old club.

There was news of him been linked to Paris saint German, but the 5 times Balon d Or winner has denied joining the French giants. I keep wondering how the team would have coped having the likes of Lionel Messi,Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar in just one team.

Who wouldn't want to see United return back to Manchester United since he left in 2009. I didn't believe when I heard he might be joining city, I felt that he would be hated for that because United fans wouldn't be happy their idol returned to play against them in the English Premier league and to make it worse, joining City would have meant something else.

Ronaldo who have achieved lots of success since he left Manchester United would be look forward to grace the team performance with his unique abilities on the football field.

The forward was a blessing to the team because United haven't won the Uefa Champions league since he left in 2009, he won the same title United have been struggling to get win four times during his time at Real Madrid.

Juventus is the only team he didnt reach his best with even though he won the highest goal scorer in the 2020/2021 Serie A.


The transfer isn't secured yet but it might be probably go through before the weekend and there would have something else to be wowed at since Messi left Barcelona for PSG.

I am paying attention to the transfer, I will be updating you if the deal is eventually concluded later today.

Good luck to United.

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