Big names couldn't save the day in the Uefa Champions League


The Uefa Champions League game yesterday was full of superb actions and I think we saw more attacking games than we did on Tuesday, the similarities between the two days were upset that came from the top teams we weren't expecting anything lesser than a victory from and it turned out that we have placed to much importance on the names than the team spirit.

Young boys vs Man United

We saw how Manchester United was thrashed by Young Boys in their opening match away from Old Trafford and I think the red card issued to Aaron Wan-Bissaka played a huge role in the defeat. It is a good point but I wouldn't expect a side like United to freak out because they had one man down, the coach panic substitution was the real problem that still the show from United despite Ronaldo scoring early in the match.

Switching to a 4-3-2 forward would have given them the hope of still dominating the game but the coach decide to go all defense and at a point, United had to play without a striker when Ronaldo was substituted.

I was disappointed that United lost the match, a draw would have shown the effort of their hard work. The victory was an unbelievable one for the home team but they took advantage of the red card and fought to the end of the game which paid of for them.

Club Brugge vs PSG

Unlike Manchester United a team that has achieved its success based on collective efforts before the coming of Ronaldo who has brought so much attention to himself, PSG as a club has big names that can win them matches even with individual performance but unfortunately for them, the individuals couldn't bring them glory against a side like Club Brugge.

For the first time, Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe started a match together since the arrival of the former Barcelona star. The combination of the players was expected to rain goals but it was the other way round for PSG.

With the performance and determination they have shown to UCL in recent times, you would want to believe that they are fired up for glory always but it would be too early to judge them with just one match.

I predicted the match to have nothing less than five goals from both sides but it eventually end in a 1 - 1 draw, the fans must be disappointed traveling all the way to see the big names seal the match which didn't happen.

Football today is switching from individual effort to team effort and this might make us see fresh legs competing at the top level of the competition, we saw how Leipzig went challenging the big games last season, and things like that should be expected more.

Kylian Mbappe didn't make it to the end of the match, the French International picked up an injury that could see him away from action.

The competition continues next week and let's hope they will both get back to winning ways.

Image source: BBC sports.

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