Arsenal finally break the spell.

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Gunners finally got their first victory this season and that happened against Norwich City on Saturday afternoon, the team has had quite an embarrassing season so far.

They have lost three out of three before yesterday's game and it shows how unprepared the team was for the new season.

Would this be the beginning of a great season for them?


I would basically not judge the team but I think a victory against a team like Norwich City shouldn't be used as a determinant of what the remaining matches of the season would like.

The victory against Norwich could be the turnaround the team needed and we just have to wait and see.

Aside from the goal, Aubameyang got in the 66th minute courtesy of Pepe's assist, the team had better stats compared to what they played against Manchester City in their previous matches.

Their opponent has now replaced them at the bottom of the and Arsenal sit on the sixteen spots in the English Premier League table. They still need to up their game and get goals to erase their goal deficit after just four games in the league and the good thing is that they wouldn't be participating in any Uefa Competition, it would be an opportunity for them to do the unbelievable.

The victory has saved Mikel Arteta's job temporarily, let see how he hold on to the job as Arsenal Manager.

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