United with 14 wins at Old Trafford

Today is a very bright and wonderful day especially as we worship God in his sanctuary.

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It's been a joyous day with great impact of the word felt and of course Gods blessings overflowing.

Today, we studied the word on the topic in times like this. Especially in this time in which people are starving in Nigeria.

This is due to lack of money and change in the naira notes. This is killing people in Nigeria and I don't see any reason for the sudden change in the naira currency.

But that's not why we are worried but we are super glad for this spectacular record Ten Hag has kept at Old Trafford.

14 wins in a row and of course Marcus Rashford has recorded another 2 goals today against Leicester city in the English premier league.

They are now 8 point clear from Newcastle united and they are just two point away from Manchester city.

But a big day for Manchester united and Marcus Rashford that has showed his class again today as he gave Manchester united a lead before half time at Old Trafford.

And records another goal against Leicester city of course he will still be adding more according to what Manchester united fans are saying

I believe that united will be topping the league if the continue to play this way they are performing and if course the are gaining grounds in the championship league next season.

Thanks for letting today be a big day for you and me and everyone else in the English premier league season.

Do jave a great week to come and make sure for all Nigerians, please ooo ❤️ vote wisely.

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