Did we just witness a Robbery???


Saturday night at the Apex in Las Vegas, was the big return of TJ Dillashaw who was supsended for taking EPO 2 years ago, we all remember what happened, and how it changed public's perception from Golden boy to public enemy number 1.

Most of us at the time had no idea that fighters weren't tested for EPO, as it requires an expensive special test, that is only used very sporadically, per request.

It wasn't too much of a surprise though, as his former teammate Coddy Garbrandt already made the claim in the past during the build up of their fight.

EPO will give you a considerable advantage, especially in the later rounds, it's a drug that is very often overlooked as fighters mostly use steroids or Human Growth Hormone.

Anyway, back to the Saturday. TJ was fighting the number 2 of the division, Cory Sandhagen, that has been on an incredible streak after knocking out Frankie Edgar and Marlon Moraes back to back.

Cory was using his range perfectly throughout the fight, tagging Tj at will. I have to give him that, even after being rocked many times, and busted up, the former champion continued pressing, and secured few take downs and grappling exchange, that convinced the judges that he did enough, suprinsingly.



I am happy to see that even The Eagle himself, scored the fight like I did 3 rounds for Sandhagen. There is no way that TJ dillashaw did more damage than Cory; and this should always overrule octagon aggression.
In order word, if you look like you got hit by a truck, you probably lost the fight...Unless the UFC said otherwise.

I understand, that UFC was banking on the return of their golden goose, TJ has always been pushed by the company, and they all probably considered that one loss wouldn't be too damaging for Cory Sandhagen's career, and TJ's win would bring dynamism to the bantamweight division, as the consequence of a loss for TJ would have been devastative. But I can't help but thinking that it doesn't make the sport look good at all.

I also can't help but thinking, that fights at the Apex in Las Vegas, stink conflict of interest, as any decision can we swayed in this controlled environment, judges can be bought, and commentators can also influence our perception.



All of this looked even more suspicious, when we witnessed another split decision for another Golden Goose, the talented Maycee Barber that surely DID NOT WIN HER FIGHT

Miranda Maverick clearly won the fight, and it is once again obvious that there is corruption in our favourite MMA organisation, it won't take long before the community starts pointing fingers.
Maybe the whole scoring system is at fault, I do no have a solution, but one thing for sure, it won't help TJ's or Maycee's popularity, the hardcore MMA fan knows how to score better than most judges.

I know it's a controversial subject, but maybe the emphasis should always be on significant strikes and overall damage, instead of considering the takedowns as the turning point of a fight, especially when it's a takedown, with literally nothing after. Lay and Pray...

How did you score the fights?

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