NEFA vs DFA Match Reports

Happy weekend! We should have posted the reports of this match during the week but due to the busy schedules we were not able to, however, they say it's better late than never.

We gave the hint about the match in the former post but today we are going to gist you the full details of how the match went!

This is our first away match this month and the result was interesting. Here is how the story went; We fixed a match with YSGA and on getting to their field which we went on a cab/taxi, we called their coach but he couldn't pick up the calls. Luckily for us, we met a team named New Edition Football Academy on that same field and we've had the plan to play them next. They were also waiting to play with another team but the away team didn't show up either, it’s coincidental right? LOL, so we fixed a match and played with the team right away.

So New Edition Football Academy hosted Decentralized Football Academy on Sunday and the result was staggering. The match ended in 6 - 6. We conceded those heavy goals because our goalkeeper was absent. The boys were impressive despite how old the home team players are. We took over the field from 0 - 90 minutes and every audience was amazed by the DFA boys' performances, and even one of the audiences gave the boys money to buy a bag of pure water. We came back into the game from three goals down!

As the match was about to start, the referee asked both teams to come into the pitch and invited both coaches for a speech. The home team coach gave a speech and thank us for coming to their home ground.

This is the home team in Barca jerseys;

And here is the DFA players;

After that, the referee called both team captains out to check the opposite team member's fingernails, if it's too long they should cut it short to not injure any player with it.

This is the DFA captain of the day, Fortune checking the New Edition Football Academy team players fingernails.

This is the New Edition Football Academy coach captured when he was talking with both teams and the referee.

The match got started; The time that will be spent in both half is 60 minutes that is 30 minutes for the first half and 30 minutes for the second half.

As the referee blows the start-up whistle, the away team passed the ball first. As the match goes on DFA took possession from the begging of the game and in the midst of that, they committed a foul on DFA player in the box-18 and the referee blows a penalty. Fortune took the penalty but unfortunately, he missed the penalty, the keeper saved it by pointing it out into the corner kick.

Lest I forget. Our goalkeeper did not go with us for the match so we used one of the defenders as a goalkeeper and this affected us. As the match goes on, while DFA still dominating the field, there was a mistake made by the DFA right back and the home team converted it into a goal (1 - 0). After some minutes, the home team got a corner kick and also converted it into a goal and they lead us by two goals to nill (2 - 0), a mistake by the same boy. After some minutes, they scored the third goal and it's three goals to nill (3 - 0). As they are scoring we are still possessing them but we were not lucky to have a goal. After the three goals to nill, DFA responded by two goals within five minutes to the end of the first half and both goals were scored by the right-winger, Donald (3 - 2). And referee whistle for the halftime.

We got into the second half and while we are trying to level the game, a silly mistake by the goalkeeper gave the home team another goal and that was four goals to two (4 - 2). After some minutes, they scored another goal and that was five goals to two (5 - 2). The game continues and Fortune scored a beautiful goal and gave DFA the third goal of the day and made it five goals to three (5 - 3). Another silly mistake by our goalkeeper again gave the home team their sixth goal and that was six goals to three (6 - 3).

As the match continues, DFA got another penalty and this time it was played by Abdul-Kabir which converted it into a goal and made it 6 - 4. The home team committed a foul on a DFA player and got a yellow card but the player was rude to the referee and the player got a red card and was sent off. The referee alarms that five minutes left to end the match and the DFA's coach made some changes and Kabir got another goal 6 - 5, and within the last minute of the match Abdul-Kabir scored another goal and leveled the game to 6 - 6. The match ended in a draw and we both shared a point.

Goals by;
Fortune ⚽
Donald ⚽⚽
Abdul-Kabir ⚽⚽⚽

Thanks for reading!


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