Decentralized Football Academy vs New Edition Football Academy

There were reports written about the previous match with this team that ended in a draw. On Sunday i.e. the start of this week, we hosted the NEFA on our home ground.

The away team arrived around 3:20 PM and the match started around 3:35 PM, the match started very early compared to the home matches we have played. The duration of the match is 80 Mins i.e. 40 Mins for the half-time and another 40 Mins for the second-half.

The home team is in the blue jerseys.

The away team is in the Barcelona jerseys.

As the host, DFA welcomes the away team after the discussions with the coach and referee. Both teams chose their sides and the referee blows the whistle to start the match.

The DFA boys are being offensive and that led to a goal that was disallowed by the referee. The referee said the ball touch one of the DFA player's hands before kicking the ball into the net and the match continues.

The away team got a corner kick. They crossed the corner kick and it was a good header from one of the New Edition footballers but unfortunately, the DFA goalkeeper saved it by grabbing it with his hands.

Donald dribbles from the right and passes the ball to one of the DFA footballers, he gave the ball back to him and converted it into a goal. Donald scored the first goal of the match.

Before the first half ended, one of the DFA midfielders shoot the ball and it was deflected by the opponent but Fortune did a good job to get to the ball before any other player and kick the ball into the net with ease. Fortune scored the second goal of the match.

One of the away team midfielders was very impressive in the match and gave DFA a tough time in the midfield.

Few mins after the second goal, the referee blows the whistle for the first-half ending. The scoreline for the first half is 2 - 0.

On entering the second half, the two coaches made changes. After some mins, DFA had a freekick in the front of box-18 and was taken by Abdul-Kabir. Abdul-Kabir played a stunning freekick and shoot it into the net directly without obstruction. And that makes it 3 - 0. Fortune took a similar free-kick earlier but the keeper saved it but couldn't even attempt to save Abdul-Kabir's free-kick.

The three-point of the day is sealed after the third goal. The match ended in 3 - 0. It was a lovely game and fight from beginning to the end.

The MOTM (Man Of The Match) is given to Biodun, the lad was superb in the midfield. He had the most intersection of the game.

Our competition is starting next week Monday and we pray for a victory to emerge the Champion.


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