Along the Industrial Area - An amateur cycling PHOTOSTORY [20 Photos]

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Hello Hive!

The ones you find in this post are the photos I took last July 23, during a race located in the area where I live in. The post is part of an initiative I renamed as Towards the Bikend: you can find more explanations in the first episodes CLICKING HERE and HERE.

The competition was reserved for the amateur categories and took place along and within the boundaries of the local industrial zone, a route that the organizers often use. I reached several points of the route on my bike and took a handful of photos thanks to my smartphone. I remained at the side of the road, sometimes near a roundabout. This time I took some shots during the food-break inside the race, completed by a few cyclists.

At home, I chose the photos which I thought were the best ones, and I created a black&white cover for them. I retouched the exposures, the dark and light points, the contrasts, the vignetting. Below, you can find a list with all the final images.

Enjoy the photostory and see you next time!

Photo taken by smartphone / automatic mode

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