My Bad Luck | Have you got this before?


This is my bet this last Saturday.
I critically analyzed these matches to the best of my knowledge.
Yeah, it wasn't a pick and place idea and wasn't easy to do so.
After all I did, Bayern Munich could not score any goal in the first half of the game. That was the only mistake that got me messing with red 🍎 (apple) in my game ticket.
Very annoying because I never believed that this ticket would have a red spot/apple.
It's not that Bayern Munich did not win the game for my ticket to click to my profit, but the goals came after 45 minutes and my option for the game was that they would score before the 45th minute.
Since I saw this on Friday evening, sadness filled my heart for the club which brings me to ask you my fellow football lover, have you had this before??

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