The importance of patience and stability

We are approaching the end of the summer transfer season where high transfer costs are in the air. Every country in the European continent has started its own local league. Clubs have parted ways with some of the players in the previous season's squad by mutual termination, while some of them have parted ways by evaluating the high transfer offers received. They also strengthened the positions they thought they lacked with new names.


The beginning of the season gives the fans of each team the chance to see and evaluate the new players who have joined the team. Each match is watched more carefully to see how the new players fit in with the old ones and how they contribute to the team. There are already disappointed fans who protest against the management at the end of matches.

Of course, there are also players who are liked and commented as "found the blood". Since it is the beginning of the season, there are also players who are given time to make a healthy evaluation. In terms of contribution to the team, the common point of the new transfers is that they need time and they deserve a little more tolerance.

When high-cost players move to a new team, the pressure on them can negatively affect their on-field behaviour. Making simple mistakes, a drop in passing percentage, aggressive behaviour and being carded easily are some of them. As the expected efficiency does not come, the pressure increases with the involvement of fans and media. Players with high hopes suddenly become inefficient, become substitutes and may even be left out of the squad.


One of the seats where the bill will be cut early when the negativities and expectations are not met is the place where the technical men are. When the team does not give the desired results on the field and on the scoreboard, we can see technical director changes one after the other.

You can more or less predict typical season starts. We have seen that teams that start the season very well fail to maintain stability. We have also seen that teams that start the season badly usually have successful seasons. My criterion in this regard is that the teams and coaches who progress by adding value to each match will be more successful. At the beginning, no team and player can reach 100 per cent performance. It will take time for performances to improve. The important thing is that the performance improves a little more every match.

I think that clubs and coaches who adopt patience and stability have an extra chance for the players. If the management does not give up easily from the coach they choose for stability, the coach does not give up easily from the players in the squad they prefer. This causes the players in the field to feel less pressure and the fans who come to the match to be more patient. Here patience and stability will be the key to success.


Every day matches will be played, every day scoreboards will make some people happy and there will be those who will be sad, but in total; those who are patient and stable will be more successful.

In terms of patience and stability, we, the fans, have as much responsibility as the managements and technical staff. Star players are talents who have passed through certain stages and have been raised with difficulty. Instead of choosing to lose them, choosing to win them will bring long term success, not short term success.

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