Time To Get Busy Again

Last weekend Hekkie Budler fought finally after nearly a 30 month break. We couldn't go through even though we were invited due to Covid restrictions. Fighters need to fight to stay sharp and also relevant in everyone's ranking system. The problem is when you are out for so long boxers don't know what to expect and Hekkie being ranked number 1 doesn't help either.

I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago and will have another chat with him over the coming weeks as he needs to do something. I have got to know him over the last few months and I feel sorry for him. Career wise after the world titles he has won he should be a multi millionaire and not be worried about finances. Hekkie is the most decorated boxer in South African history which is a shame really as there is something seriously wrong with this picture I am seeing. Looking from a neutral perspective it seems as though others have got rich off his back and how wrong is that?

This was a warm up fight just to get him back in the ring and firmly believe he needs to move to the States this year. Being ranked number one by the WBC he should never be in this position fighting in venues like this. I think he will have a World Title fight at the back end of this year and he needs to win it.

At his age every fight should be taken as though this is his last fight and he needs to be focused for the next 2 fights to claim the titles. Realistically he has 9 fights left in him if he fights 3 fights per year, possibly a few more. He does need to be in another boxing stable though and needs to be earning serious purse money to set up his future.

Unfortunately how many rich boxers are there around as the promoters literally screw them. Look many boxers aren't that smart business wise and earn lots and lose lots with poor financial advice. Look how Don King made his money as many agents/promoters have no scruples and a boxer is just seen as a commodity and a meal ticket.

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