Erik ten Hag the Ideal Manager


Since Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United after spending so many years as the manager and won many titles, the club has never been the same. Ferguson became manager of Manchester United in 1986 and went ahead to spend 26 yearsin the club. His days in charge of club was indeed glorious days and he won 38 trophies for the club. The 38 trophies include 13 Premier League titles, 5 English FA Cup titles and 2 UEFA Champions League titles among other titles. He left the club and retired as a manager 2013 after lifting the year's English Premier League trophy. Till today that remain last time Manchester United won the English Premier League trophy. What it means is that in last 8 years, United has not touched Premier League trophy and that's pathetic for a premier league giant.

After Ferguson left, the club faced many problems ranging from ability to sign good managers to players. For me I can't tell the exact problem of club because it appears complicated. It is worthy to note that since Ferguson left, the club have spent over 1billion pounds to bring the club back to their Glorious days but there is not much to show for it. Currently the situation of the team seems to be getting worse.

Ralf Rangnick, a 63 year old German was appointed as the interim manage of the club till end of the season to know if he can turn things around for the club. From the look of things, he will be leading the team to a trophy less season after they crashed out UEFA Champions League. They still have to fight for the league top 4 spot. Right now making top 4 in the league is the team priority and they are at the 5th position currently. It will be a tough battle for the team to make top 4 judging from the form of the clubs battling for the spot. Should United miss the top 4 spot, it means no UEFA Champions League next season for them.



If you are a sport lover, you might seen the headline this week about Erik ten Hag and his Interview by Manchester United board for possible replacement of currently interim manager that his contract will expire by the end of the season. It is obvious Ralf Rangnick will be replaced at the end of the season because so far he have not met the expectation of the club and fans.

Erik ten Hag is a Dutchman and current manager of Ajax football club of Netherland. He took charge of the club on 2017 and known for his 4-3-3 formation. He have managed some clubs like Go Ahead Eagles, FC Bayern II, FC Utrecht. He became known after he took over Ajax Managerial role and so far has performed tremendously well with the crop of players he has at his disposal. Erik ten had an explosive season in 2018/19 season. He came to the world attention in 2018/19 season when he lead his Ajax team to the semi final of the Champions League. They came as Underdog and surprised everyone by reaching to the semi's though their campaign was cut by Tottenham. They will never forget Lucas Moura hattrick that crashed them out of the competition. During this Campaign Frankie de Jong played pivotal role in the team as he brought his stunning ability to drift into space and composure to supply passes to Ajax Attackers.

Hakim Ziyech, Can de Beek and Mathijs de Light were part of this incredible team that performed wonders under Erik ten Hag before their departure to their current clubs. Though first to be interviewed, Erik ten will not be the only manager to be interview by Manchester United. From the look of things, he may land the job as United board said his English proficiency is okay. As a United fan, am optimistic he will change the team for good should he land the job.

In another development, Manchester United star player Paul Pogba lamented about his predicament at the team. After he joined the France national team for the international break, he said it's good to be back home and Happy to play for the national team.. he went further to complain about not he discovered he was not part of Manager plan against Athletico Madrid at the match venue and he returned home after game to see his house burgled. He also talked about the club going trophy less this season and stressed he want to start winning trophies again.

It is obvious he is no longer happy at the club and may likely leave anytime. He's happy in the national team because he is been played in his position but at United, he said he has not particular position. As a star player, not winning trophies is bad and if he have to leave United for a better club to win trophies I don't have anything against it. I will be ending with this question.

What do you think is the problem of Manchester United?.

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