FunFIt Montage of Dany training

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Yep :D That's me Dany from @brutalisti . Same guy that is trying to create Art at he moment. The video is shooted and edited by Poly. The music is free for use from Bensound.

This is video of me training for fun. Although I love and practice natural movement, gymnastics, yoga and dancing, unlike most "natural" guys, I don't hate bodybuilding, CrossFit, Weight and power lifting. I equally enjoy and practice all of them.

Some of the most enjoyable parts of this video are, hammering the the tyre, disks falling of my 200 kg deadlift and homestanding!

I will keep this short and fun and will tell you more about my experience next time. Tell if you like the idea to share my knowledge in topics like movement, breathing, flexibility, power, strength, muscle gain and fatless. (This was my dedicated profession for 12+ years, before I switched to art and design)

Be healthy and be happy!

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