An Ode To Players : A Freewrite Poetry.

Dear fallen heroes, your spirit lives on,
In the hearts of those who loved you, you'll always belong.
You brought joy and excitement to the field each day,
And though you're gone, your memories will never fade away.

Your skills and courage inspired us all,
And in the hurricane's destruction, you took a fall.
But though your bodies may be gone, your spirit will endure,
In the hearts of fans, forever more.

We'll miss your laughter and your contagious smile,
But your legacy will live on for many a mile.
For you'll always be remembered as champions of the game,
And the memories of your bravery will forever remain.

So rest in peace, dear heroes of the sport,
And know that your sacrifice will forever be a part,
Of the history of the game that you loved so much,
And in our hearts, you'll always have a special touch.

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