Last Man Standing Gameweek 9 .We have a Winner!!!


The Final Two.

Gameweek 9 is finally upon us and the last two contestants
have made their selections

@gingerup picked Southampton who were to play Everton at 3pm today.

@gone-hive selected West Ham United and they play Wolves at 5.30pm/

With internationals and the Queen dying there was a long delay in getting to Game week 9 but we are here now and we have a result.


Drum roll please.
This competition has been going on since August and I am finally glad we have come to a conclusion. It was a long enough cycle this time around. Last Man Standings usually last for 7-8 weeks but this one went on a wee bit longer. It is some achievement to pick 8 teams each week and they all win. It does take a little bit of luck but there has to be some knowledge and research done as well. Most people went strong from the start in this contest but some went weak and they just nearly made it. It was the strong teams that actually tripped them up. Liverpool have not been performing lately and many fell on their results.

@gingerup found out the result of his match early. A 2-1 battering by Everton. Southampton are a team that win 4 nil or get beat easily and this was the latter this weekend. So he had to wait until 5.30pm. Strange selection Southampton. I may ask him his opinion on it. Maybe it was the rivals Everton which he thinks are weak but I have to say Frank Lampard is finally looking to be getting a tune out of them.

@gone-hive 's choice West Ham win then the contest and we had to wait until 5.30pm GMT for this match to be held. West Ham won this fairly comfortably so I would like to announce


Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 20.49.14.png

@gone-hive !!!!!!!

Congratulations. You have received 30 SBI and hold the Last Man Standing Shield until the next round. A coveted trophy. I may add that they go straight through to Round 2 of the next competition as an added extra as well.

@gingerup . Congratulation buddy for getting to the final. It was a gallant effort and you fell at the last hurdle. 10 SBI has been sent to your account as well. You can check your balance in the wallet section in Peakd under "Other".

Here is proof of transaction for both prizes.

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 20.50.49.png

So there we have it. The winner of the first Last Man Standing Contest. We are only a month away from the world cup so I was thinking of doing around round right after Christmas. Thanks to all of you who played. I was a good bit of fun and it added interest to the start of the premiership along with all the crew in @hiveepl. I will tag all the usual suspects when I am starting it up again so watch this space. It is apt that I sign Last Man Standing off the day Spurs have their first defeat. 😭. But the next time I start this off we will be top of the League!!

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