Tale Of Fans Who Made World Cup The GSOE : (A Case Story)

Hello, good day to all the fans and sports lovers.. βš½πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

Historically sports have been the dominant force for motivating people to raise the level of amusements and entertainment.Once we get to see something exceptional, its the personal inherent character trait that lets us to be overwhelmed. Its all the same for all, but when do a particular sport starts to create the enthusiastic fervour, the goosebumps and emotions full with drive, agony and the outbursts of resentment to anger and joy that flows like river - then who could resist to sit back.

Today, I would be hanging on to narrate one of my stories related to the running world cup tournament. Unlike everyone, I do view and judge the programme as a matter of inclusive festivity where people from all walks of life find particular comfort in assimilating their time and attention to something they like worth enjoying.I was for a certain reason got out of my regular routine of watching soccer matches for both -club & international sides ; thats for two reasons. One, I was struggling to make my living traffic on time and the second, a systematic depression is what relapsed me to turn back and move ahead of life.


Quite a time, being an Argentine fan, from my childhood to the time of adolescence, it was the time when Messi started to play for Barca and getting chances to play for the national side. Having a privilege to watch a star kid, a child prodigy and a pair of gifted feet that scintillate sparks have moved me to be an ardent fan of him and thats what I kept on doing and supporting, and I still remember the time when I couldn’t sleep and many awakened nights in times of losing a match, quite successive finals and the tragedy of the aftermath one by one, began to create a longer lasting impression on me.

World cup has been something that made me to feel a part of greater football,the unique sense that I myself a part of the live matches organized long from a thousand miles away. Its amazing to be able to have seen that the rural people, even the labour classes of people have their time and passion, kept with compassion - bear an unrelenting zeal for the hero he supports, the team and the flag that matters most to him, not because the team helps to earn his bread and daily lives, but when his team wins - its the mental lifting he gets, that supports him to move a long way forward and establishing the link of pleasure in all the hard work he is to do every single day.

I am talking about the football craze and fascination and to some point the lunaticism, the fanatic qualities that the people share from the part of Indian subcontinent. The South East Asia has the minimal number of world cup participation, but the support that the common people provide are exceptional and unmatched to any region of the globe, its such hot!


At the time of the world cup matches, right away from the months time of inaugural setting, flags of different colours could be seen from the top of house building, tea stalls, the park square spaces, in between two balconies,the wooden crafts of the grill stands, to window steelworks etc. Even the craze is so extreme that, God provided me an opportunity to witness hair cuts, completely bald hairs and the colours of dye portraying the flags of respective interests. How much passion it takes to have such level of lunatic deeds!

Last week I went to a local market to buy some heavy cloths as because winter has fallen in our hemispheres and I just didnt want to catch cold and have the problems of pneumatic bronchitis and the flue in the fall. I anticipated to see new classic brands of jackets,the hoodies and jeans denim brands, the stylistic and plain indigenous clothing made of local linens and pure fibres. But the salesman told me with a reproofing tone, which part of the globe do you live, sir?
Dont you know we have nothing but to sell only the colours and the patterns of world cup playing nations here, since most of the customers are fond of buying their own team's wearing.


I was bit annoyed at the bargaining at first, but then I realized people's choice wins all the time and thats normal because whatever one has to buy, it should be related to the world cup. That was just the beginning of my surprise and I went on to keep raising my eye-brows. Even the rickshaw puller were wearing Yellow and green and all of his vehicle painted the same colour. At some point he was so amiable at the brink of congratulating him of Brazil’s success at the world cup group matches.

I came so close to my house that time and he started to take less money, but I gave him double as bonus, because he needs some more for such demeanour. Thats not just the end but I had some snacks at the brown table beside my corridor and my eyes stopped at the last page as it was showing the conflict of a particular district where a group of people clashed with each other using sticks and stones, open arms and street fights, a complete mess all around and a picture describing the incident.

Whoever from the Latin America would see that, would literally burst out laughing and at the same time be astonished to see such kind of actions, the drive and passion left for the team of their nationalities. Very recently, FIFA posted a video clip where a big crowd joined together at dead of night, shivering in cold weather -but still the warmth of something good to happen for their team has kept them to sit and watch the full match right before the giant screen.

Thats a big achievement for a country whose fans are crazy than the actual Argentina & Brazil team. A university student cant see his days fulfilled without hanging a fixture and squad photo right on the wall. Thats passion, and when in return they hear, when the team of white and sky blue wins the world cup, they would arrive first at the orient --- the fans go even crazy and satisfied, where else could anybody see such things but here??


Argentina entered to round of sixteen and just a few days before the fight against the Tasmanian yellows. But, I would expect the team to move ahead not just for Messi, but for such type of fans who wouldnt dare to spend the whole earnings and salary of quite a few months to buy a big flag or arrange a picnic, they really deserve a win. I still believe in spirituality - but when a team falls into tough times, its the fans blessings and cravings that rescue the team at right time. I guess Argentina got that support right after the drastic loss against Saudi Arabia.

Good bye and good luck ahead, have a nice day, πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ–οΈ

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