Journey For GOAT & The Truth Inside // [Part-1.O]

Good day to all the associated fans and readers of the sublime community!

Its good to be back again for me to have gossiping in gear once again like the good old days when it was all a matter of fun. I really miss those folks out there who were once the key authors of the tribe ; its sad to say that they no longer interacting as usual - but anyway things change with time and the tune of absence hits hard in the heart and so lets keep moving. I really miss talesfromthrcrypt, coolguy123. It was a great fun reading their thoughts out.


Anyway, for soccer thats where my concerns rise high and for quite a few reasons. One,the no.1 sport all across the globe based on popularity, fan base, the players impacts and the businesses operating by keeping the premiere league on the grid. Two,emotions are just incomparable to the other sports as it pushes each and every fan out of the box and just never lets anyone sit back and watch a thrilling match unmoved. I feel that the pretty memories of the last world cup is still fresh and undoubtedly you also haven’t wiped that out of your mind.

This world cup was the Home and truly the most desirable destination for a man who cherished all his life, perhaps the last decade - he never been able to sleep a sound sleep. Rejections and failures, tragedies and setbacks, ruins of fate and the merciless unsupportive behaviour of the fans who once took his side at the winning time and when he failed to stick back unto the pinnacle for quite several times, starting from the 14 final in Maraccana, two consecutive Copa Latin America loss, a hard fought defeat once again left that man give up his faith.

Yeah, very a few knows being a renegades and most assuring way achieving the status of a most decorated footballer with the most individual achievements, medals, prize bonds and trophies a club which he loved and spent thousands of hours and days to guide it reaching the grand status, also gave him everything he wanted. And still it was the matter of incompleteness, that whatever how great you can be, you are unfulfilled and imperfect without winning the global gold piece which Pele lifted thrice and the Argentine Football God lifted once.


The Almighty up there had all the drama settled and he tested the little magician with everything, unto the last limit and the last barrier that one can have. I just can remember the day when it was such a bad time of his life, two consecutive defeat and a decisive penalty miss left him to be so despondent and tears began to fall. It is the period when he decided to give up. At one side it was just the case for him when his fans scolded to a serious degree, parted him and even close friends left him alone. Deciding to retire from the national team his birthplace, his home and everything.

I remember, coaches and officials of Spain and the club nationals tried so much to convince him play for Hispanic side and every time he rejected saying, every time in my dreams I feel like I am playing for Argentina, I see the sky and what a thrill! Oh,the colours vibrant sky-blue and white, from my childhood my sole dream was to play for it and win the heart of mine. You know, how it feels like to have such pain and heartbreak to take decisions not to play and retire!!

All he wanted winning a cup wearing the jersey and put an end to to the critics who said, he wont be in the lists of the greatest of all time unless winning an international title and obviously the world cup which his predecessors and the legends won at least once during their career. Quite a few people had the belief and of course who knew that this little magician would end up winning all these one by one. It was just the matter of time and all it was needed patience and effort, time clicked on and the future was such opened armed that it wrote everything he wanted.


To be believers of God, its when you have all the good fortunes and his blessings. Thats most essential thing and those people who are tend to be non -believers, I have that to say, if you dont believe to win,you wont win.Thats such simple and only successes are handed over to them who just believe that they are capable to win and thats when they end up winning. The first defeat in the 22 world cup created chances for Argentina to be out of the cup at the start of group stage, but being the captain, he said, lets not foster disbelief, have faith on us and we will win and reach the next stage and never let the war finish easily.

In fact, Argentina lost the solo battle but not the war. In the next chapter, they did come back and had their team enlisted to the next stage. They playerld and played like a champion,as such every single match was the final and if they lose, their dream would be shattered if they lose. So losing was the only thing they wanted to resist and keeping everything at stake, they finally won and by Gods good grace they lifted the world cup. And the rest became history.


But, I would like to say that, the two moments are pretty similar ; right at the time when he decided to retire out of sheer pain and heartbreak, again in the moments when he won what he wanted all his life. They say, something there in life which,

breaks me down and builds me up.

That moment to decide to retire, which created vacuity in his heart and go home has certain meaning. He got time to think in the silence, start again and let me try another time. He eventually came back and played to materialize his long dream. It came true, at last.

May such stories live long and let other guide a long way.

God bless us all, have a nice time. 💖✋

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