Downfall Of Evil Act - Cricket That Gotten Tampered.


Welcome and good day to all of my friends, authors and the sports fans that energize the community here and make sports a very enjoyable and lovely source for entertainment. The world is quite incomplete and our lives also look like rusty and stagnant, even having the best luxuries and abundance would never fill the gap that sport fills.

Now, for a long period of time I have been really there out to explore the moments and the time it needs to build back the lost rhythm, which I lost quite a long time ago. Sometimes life moves around and make us feel that there are other things need your attention and I turned quite to be outsider. But thats ok for me and my regular habit of writing my story here on the blog of HIVE I love most, had paused for a time, but I really missed my queues and marks ; that expressing my thoughts and emotions related to sports never really died and thats because I came back here again.

Those of the readers read my previous sports blog quite impressively know that I love the game of cricket and soccer, the binary sports that has constructed my life oriented to the dedicated sports. It was not just out of enjoyment, but my whole life,specially the childhood and the adolescence reflect the images of long journey of amateur cricket and the young friends and the divisions, cricket in different age groups and the rainy afternoon in the paddy fields and gardens - most often. Wow! How lovely those days were!


Very recently, T20 world cup cricket was going on and I had the chance to witness the matches over the TV set and for some reason I started to lose bit of fascination that I used to had a long time ago.
No more I feel the goosebumps nor the blaring downpour of the emotions, the excitement and the energy keep me feel well. Players play their best, but yet invisibly there are other players who play outside from the pitch. Nowadays, predictability has raised to such a level that, the end results could be picked.

Cricket entails history and thats not the same as the other sports have had over the years of time. Cricket possesses something royal and aristocratic, the art of dynamism and the flow of conduct, the rules and the modes of play sets the stylistic theme to a new level. Lords had a time to exercise amd flex their muscle and along with the glory of colonialism, still the spirit inhabit the core of primitive class and nowadays the things have changed with time and thats bad for some facts.

A leading organisation who controls the rules and the operations of cricket have been so influenced by a nation that the neutral umpires at certain moments who are meant for judging the merit of cricket in an impartial viewpoint, busy in gaining extra cashes and advocating on behalf of the beneficiaries who provide the most of the incentives and shares to the council that govern the international cricket. Shame to be on such conducts that the bribe money can pollute the holy stream of a game that reflect the historic legacy of an empire, the people who changed the world with their creative ingenuity and the inherent qualities.

Time flew on and sometimes the fate has its way of reciprocation, the boomerang nature that ensures Justice to them who went through the illegal means and gained the momentum. Defeat can be accepted and such level where abject meters fall down and luckily I was really so happy to see losing a game - 10 wickets defeat and a face burst out laughing, the smile of revenge and retribution, that still being powerless to have some justice over the team thats been affected by the illegal intervention of umpires favouritism have tasted a thrashing defeat that equals to a perfect revenge and that happened in a broad day light.


Sometimes bribery wins and the betrays triumph and silence the just, but in the end its the nature that wins - the truth and I was so happy to see the downfall and there were even players who had such ego and pride, the thrashing defeat took them sky to the abyss and where they even ashamed to show their faces, and the spider cams were even smart to turn around and cover the scenes, ha ha!

Anyway, in every game that is universal, that one team will lose and the other will win, thats carved. But, still the thing of concern is that its not acceptable when the game of cricket is taken to the level of wrestling matches thats fixed and scripted, not in such level but in a sense close to that. I guess, the favouritism didnt occur against the reds who invented the game, they showed how to counteract and reply such conducts and I think the evil-doers had their lesson learnt well.

Thanks For Reading. Wishing A Happy Friday. 🖐️

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