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Hello and welcome back here in the sporting universe, greetings to my friends and mates, sports fans, spectators, players and the readers at large to this noble community.

Its been quite a long time that I wrote about my thoughts on the ongoing contexts of the sports I watch (specially the cricket & Soccer) the two sporting genre I do like, actually the pair of games I know the full rules and regulations to the fullest degree, ha ha. So, majority of my posts would revolve around these two and basically I try to cover facts and the incidents happen across the world.


Now that one thing is pretty sure that the sports have gotten global and more of commercialized than ever that in the past age where less people seem to know about the fact that -sports ever could be viewed as an option for making it as a way of living - a system by which profits can be pulled out and a new strategy been created as to posit it as an antidote against "national barriers". But, luckily it was a true fact that, everything on the earth just keep evolving and the part that I would describe and discuss (the commercial viewpoint of sports) has evolved to degrees that even we would astound ourselves, through comparison ; between the past & present.

State Of Modern Day Cricket.

Only the real cricky fans would know how it feels to smell the fragrance of the pitch at times when you are playing a amateur cricket at the lawn of the house you live and the friends around you that cheer you and in times participate to take part in the competition arranged by the local community organisers. Even, the aristocrat classes invented this and now from the kings balcony it fostered into a sport that the nations collide with each other to be a crown champion and take the pride lead in the sporting headline. How was that?

You see, once it was just a matter of passing quality times after the long service at the provinces and exercising muscles to get a good shape of the body, but when the touch of professionalism began to blow and national level boards did create a shape of an organisation, then sponsors came up front to make that look more attractive to watch. I have been looking into the matter and my raw speculations do portray how the whole evolution took place and currently the lists of sponsors in the international matches just flow like a flood, even they get in a race to be selected as to be enrolled in the list, how staggering !!


In the process, the pure sector of sports and cricket, which was at first a source of merriment and physical wellbeing, that the doctors prescription lists followed to play cricket as a tonic of health recovery and then in todays age, it has got into an applied case where commerce and the companies seek to emerge strongly that the fans and the broadcasting method would create a chance for the public exposure, that their product or service would get "popular" fast and they would cut a selling benifit at the end of the process and that view, on implementation has proven logical and lucrative, which we see today.

Even some of us would raise our eye-brows if I say the modern politics also seek to stabilise their old sores and wounds of political foreign relationships that has gotten worse by a bad practice of military strategic interventions, failed and ineffective diplomacy and harsh geo-political game.
Now, when all these options failed to secure the sustainable foreign affairs with countries, then the national top thinker and Counsellor’s try bilateral sport and tournament as a tool for establishing the lost connection and the results say, that it workes pretty well.

What About Soccer?

The level of craze is even greater, that even I sneak into a football stedium and get into the crowd and measure the cheer and pomp,the intensity and pitch of the sound in a spectrograph machine, then do the same in a cricket arena, the difference of the decibel unit would implicate clearly that which one holds the higher appeal to the spectators .

But, despite the 90 minutes game has a high octane action and nerve arousing stimulants still it hasnt been moved apart from the sole purpose of business and flow of cashes from the club dorm room to the casino hall where betters spin their balls to hold cards and stake money where they play 50/50, of doubling money in seconds or losing it all in a blink of a shot placed by the player you like most. Thats where the state of sport has gotten in and we sometimes see that, sometimes dont, but it happens.


The commercial layer has provided some of the highly performed players a chance to change their state of life to a radical degree and they buy personal aeroplane with the transfer fees, on the other hand, even some of the sweeter stories come in the newspaper that the personal money of a soccer soul has been spent selflessly and honestly to a noble cause - to transform a backdated underdeveloped village into a city, immensely relying on the personal wealth of ones annual income, you know better whom the person I am talking about.

Now, I dont kow if he ever would get successful in his approach, even a city would be formed or not, nor the villagers would reach at the stage where he envisons to set stones ; but one thing for sure tha t the Almighty up over would carry on strength to every noble cause and thats why good deeds dont perish from the earth and every time the noble trimuphs over evil and the existence of the earth survives in the end.

I would want to say that the monetary practice is good and if it impacts the sports, which of course is true that investment strategies have gotten into more developed versions, but still that the fact is, entertainment is sublimated to my point of view when sports do adorn the mind of the spectators and the players who hold the sector as their way of living life. The energy of the sports come from enthusiasm and craziness, the dedicated fans who at times even put their priorities behind than miss their favourite to perform on pitch.
Thats what keeps a sport alive.


Now, there were people who at times I have seen to call names of the fans who criticize badly to the players who perform under their expectations. That they mean that these fans cant do that and shouldn’t do that, well I have a question to those who opine in that way,can you imagine the stature of professional sport without the presence of spectators? How it looks when players run rectangular in an empty stadium without a single fan watching it live? Fans have emotions and just like the saying,

I love you and I just only can show you by some bad tasted remarks.

So, when fans call names of someone, most of the times this should be thought that the player's performance matters to his heart and thats a sign of support and most of the time very few people understand that.

Thanks For Reading.💖

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