What Really Happen in Indonesian Soccer

Just like what I discussed in my previous post about why a country with such a big amount of population can really find and make a great team of football. Moreover football is the main sport in Indonesia.


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It is all started with the Government, yep if only we have a better government, and there's no such thing as corruption and collusion, we might have a chance.

Because of the acute corruption level in Indonesia, it cut down every budget that is supposed to be used to upgrade the needed infrastructure to let the talented players train and bring out their best skills.

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The next one is the politician, PSSI the highest entity for football in Indonesia more often is being used as the politician to gain popularity, ​and also they could get more money from it.

And because most of the time PSSI is being led by politicians, their goals are always so far away from building a better national team, and also a professional football club that can compete on the world stage.

Next is the competition, either the academy, youth or even professional level, all has been in quite a mess. Here comes the collusion when it is on the youth level, sometimes the talented are being put away because they compete against the son of someone having a big influence.

On the professional level, the competition is getting better now. But a few years back it was much worse. There was some dualism in the league and those make Indonesia being banned by FIFA. Match-fixing is also one of the problems, some even say that the league winner is being selected right before the start of the league.

Now the next problem is the supporters themselves, while it is good to have a diehard fan, but that should not mean you can kill other team supporters. Yes you heard it right, there was some case that a supporter was killed by its rival supporters.

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The other thing to improve is how some of them want to watch the match at the stadium, but don't want to pay for the tickets. They sometimes break stuff around the stadium or break the stadium itself thus making the match is not profitable to the people around and the club itself.

Those are some problems that we have to tackle if we want to really have a great team or club. Getting 11 great players from 263 million total of Indonesian populations is not really that hard. There must be many gems that need to be found and polish to shine.

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