2021 Africa Cup of Nations wins Senegal

Hello everyone. The final match of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations was played last night. The match was between Senegal and Egypt.

In general, the match was passed with the sluggish play of Egypt and the pressure of Senegal. At the beginning of the match, Senegal won a penalty in the 4th minute. However, Egypt's goalkeeper Gabalski saved the penalty. Gabalski gave a great performance throughout the match.

Mane was very effective in the match, which was under pressure from Senegal. He was the actor of many of the Senegal raids.

In Egypt, M. Salah played the leading role. However, Egypt's sluggish football as a team was reflected on him as well. He did not show much presence throughout the match.

Regular time of the match ended in a draw. And the game went to overtime. When the overtime was completed 0-0, the penalty shootout was started.

After the penalty shootout, Senegal won the match 4-2. And he won the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

See you again. Take care of yourself and your hive.

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