Making it look easy vs Kansas City! Madden 23 Vault + Burrow/Mahomes Thoughts

A fun dominant victory over the Chiefs in Madden 23 from a few months back! Glad this W can be captured. Those minutes in time feel much less wasted!

I wonder if the Chiefs will be able to get the job done against the Bengals finally in the upcoming AFC Championship game.


Joe Burrow is 3-0 against the Chiefs including the Playoffs! If Burrow wins again in KC for a chance to go to the Super Bowl right after beating Josh Allen in Buffalo, I'll personally consider Joe Burrow the best QB in the NFL. Dude is a beast!

It's crazy because Mahomes is that dude too! Burrow is really coming on strong these past two seasons.

Mahomes has a high ankle sprain, so that should be interesting to see how he can or cannot handle that.


This is a big game for both Burrow and Mahomes' legacies! Can't wait to see this game! Feels slightly like the Brady-Manning days!

How do you see this AFC Title game going down this weekend?


Highly Respected former Titans' coach Jeff Fisher speaks on the Titans/Ran Carthon!


Refreshing and always nice to hear that Fisher keeps his eye on the team. Seems really positive.


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