Insect Macro Photography "Caterpillar " | April 20-2021

Hello Fascinating Insects lovers, wherever we are, hopefully the day we pass will be blessed by Allah SWT. today on this opportunity I want to upload a photo of a caterpillar that I found in the forest a few days ago.

This caterpillar has very dense and long hair, the color on the head is red and the fur is reddish white, very beautiful for an insect that is generally feared by women.

here are some photos that I have prepared for all of you, I hope you like them and do not disappoint you.



1615897278914-01 (1).jpeg


1615897112741-01 (1).jpeg

1615897160012-01 (2).jpeg

1615897310650-01 (2).jpeg

Thanks You so Much for the time you spend in my posts.

Location PhotoIndonesia
Camera usedXiaomi M2007J20CG
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