spider eats prey


Hello friends all...

On this occasion, I will post again about a spider that is eating an animal that was caught on a betel leaf.
The spider is an animal that can very easily get its prey because this spider animal has the advantage that through the nest that is made it can easily trap its prey, even though the opponent's target is a flying animal, even though the opponent will be very easily caught in the nest trap that is made. by a spider and strangely all the animals that have been trapped in the spider's web none have survived and all will not be released from their snares
This spider looks like it's enjoying its prey and we can already see very clearly a dead animal is in its mouth, I can easily take a photo of the spider and this spider doesn't seem to really care about my presence because of this animal only retains the food that is already in his mouth
I've taken some photos of the spider with several models of the spider's position, this spider evades a little when I take a picture of him but I managed to get a few photos to my satisfaction
It really looks very unique, a photo of a spider together with an animal in the mouth of the lab spider, this spider also looks to have a lot of fur growing all over its body and legs and its two black eyeballs look very interesting and unique. once but it looks a little scary too
Spider animals are also known to be very venomous and from the bite of a spider it is known to be very dangerous so keep this animal out of the reach of children.










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