red insect


Hello hive friends...
Good evening all friends who are in the hive community how are you all friends, of course the news is very good, all good
On this occasion tonight I will post again and this time my post is about a unique and interesting insect that has a beautiful color, which is a color that is very familiar to all of us whose color is red.
A beautiful and interesting insect for tonight has managed to decorate my post tonight, where the animal is seen on the weeds located on a plantation, this animal looks so attractive and beautiful in that place and looks very red blends with the green color of the weeds
This insect has a color that is enough to attract our attention to see it, I really like the beautiful red color that this insect has
In addition to the red color, this insect also has a black color on its legs so that the two colors combined add to the uniqueness of the insect.
This red insect has a beautiful eye color which is the same red color with the red color on some parts of its body different from the legs and on the beard it looks the same black color as the color on the legs of the red insect, I was very careful in taking some photos the beauty of this red animal so that these insects don't take away its beautiful body from me so I can easily get some photos of it







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