Fascinating Insects' OCD Incubation Curation Report #16

Hello insect lovers and the entire hive communities in general.

It is another edition of Fascinating Insect's curation report. The curation effort of the community is largely supported by @ocd management under their community incubation program on the hive blockchain.

Basically, stand-out relevant articles within the community are picked and submitted to the OCD team in a special channel in their discord server. Due to the large volume of posts/authors in the community, curators try to be as diverse as possible in selecting posts so as to ensure that the same authors do not always get OCD support virtually all the time.

The veteran authors in the community already know the criteria that curators look for in posts in order for them to be submitted but for those that might be new to the community, the criteria are as follows:

  • Multiple images of insects taken from different angles and showing fine details of the animal. Of course, single-image posts can also be considered if accompanied by decent articles.
  • Uniqueness: While each insect's image can be thought of as being unique, a large percentage of the posts in the community being about butterflies, for example, might be monotonous. Hence, authors are encouraged to look for that uncommon insects to post/write about.
  • Images must be accompanied by textual description as much as possible.
  • Engagement: Engagement is key as this builds community. Everyone cannot just dump their posts and go to bed, the community would be dead in no time. To enjoy the support of the community, authors must show that they are part of the community by engaging other authors and responding to comments on their posts.

There are several good posts to pick from for today's curation report but below are some of them

  1. Author: @dvdwritter
    Post: Close Up of Moth
    Submitted by: gentleshaid

2.Author: @adi.pisces
Post: photographing moths in the rice fields with a macro lens

Submitted by: gentleshaid

3.Author: @veri-ardhian
Post: Net Winged Beetle Reunion || Lycidae
Submitted by: @gentleshaid

4.Author: @briayana
Post: The insect -metamorphosis is perfect.
Submitted by: gentleshaid

5.Author: @wiwit2
Post: Division of seven different types of arthropod insects
Submitted by: gentleshaid

6.Author: @askari
Post: Longhorn Beetles - Macro Photo
Submitted by: gentleshaid

7.Author: @suhadi
Post: [Macrophotography](Lady Bugs)
Submitted by: gentleshaid

8.Author: @soehada
Post: Baby of Centadu
Submitted by: gentleshaid

9.Author: @akukamaruzzaman
Post: Uncensored: Mating And Hunting At The Same Time

Submitted by: gentleshaid

10.Author: @ryandaesteem
Post: Beauty of bees in flower garden

Submitted by: gentleshaid

That ends our selection for this edition of the curation report. Feel free to directly message jaki01 or gentleshaid on discord if you have got any inquiries concerning the community or its activities.

Until our next edition.

Hive on!

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