The Picture Perfect Dragonfly


I just came from a midday walk after lunch and stopped to look at the ecosystem underneath a very old tree. There I saw a Beatle eating the sap pouring from the bark. I did not take pics of the Beatle as a Dragonfly came to my attention and seemed to be watching me what the Beatle.

So I turned and tried to get a closer look at the little guy. But he flew away. But you know how Dragonflies are, they seem to come back around, and that it did. It posed in the perfect spot for me to take a picture of it.

Interestingly, children in Japan like to catch Dragonflies, there was no such culture in my birthland Jamaica. So it is always interesting to see even the girls taking part in this activity. Below is a picture from Sunday when I took my boys to the park along with their sister from another mister. Well daughter of a friend. Consider this a bonus shot.

Cheers🍻 may your bags be pumped and you lock profits before it dumps!

And this my friends is a 💩 post! But I’d rather post up when I can and what I can.


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