While photographing this Suillia fuscicornis fly ...


... on a calm, relatively warm afternoon in the first half of November ... another small, elegant insect entered the frame ...


... it looked like some kind of mosquito at first sight ... or like some small wasp at the second one ... here you can take a good look at it ... it's in the center of focus on this photograph, while the much bigger fly is blurred in the background.
Some hours later, at home, I learned that this is the fungus gnat, one of quite a few similar looking species of small, elongated flies from the
Sciaridae family. I took these shots ...


... on the cap of the Amanita ovoidea mushroom partially covered with a lush growth of some mold fungus.

IMG_3182 malo.jpg

This fungal structure looked pretty cool when seen through the macro lens ... and also here, on this intricate mold tapestry ...

IMG_3200 malo.jpg

... I noticed this, even smaller ... really minuscule orange gnat ...


It looks like he's feeding on fungus ... but I'm not completely sure if that's what's going on here.

IMG_2806 malo.jpg

The daisies were in bloom all around the mushrooms ...

IMG_2821 malo.jpg

... and there, among the flowers ... I photographed this minuscule fruit fly ...

IMG_3098 malo.jpg

... and this, also very small, bug nymph with long antennae.

IMG_2874 malo.jpg

It was a long day, I photographed many mushrooms ... big, small, and everything in between ...

IMG_3189 malo.jpg

... so this short Gnat vignette can be seen as a teaser, or an introduction for a much longer Fungi Friday post that will appear on Friday the 18.12.2020 ... when I'm finished with the selecting & editing work, there is a big pile of about 500 photographs that has to be trimmed to about 100 - 150 for the post.

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