Fascinating Insects Photography - Blank Ant 🐜 🐜..

Hello friends!
How are you, Hopefully all will be fine. Today i am here with new Insects Photography Post in which i will share the macro photography of Black Ant Insect. Today i found it from my Garden. It is the biggest ant I've ever seen in my life. It was so big that it could hardly walk on the ground. I tried to take macro photography of him on the ground but due to low light it was difficult to take a macro shoot so i put it on the green leaf for better photographs.

My Camera detail.

make: Sony and Realme.
Model: a200 and 3 pro
Lens: 18mm-70mm lens with close-up lens External Macro Lens.
Editing Tool: Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop
Location: Pakistan, Gujranwala.









For better quality i use Sanpseed 2.0 for adding some colour and some HDR details in my photographs. Thanks to all hive user for watching my Insects Photography blog @amnamhr.

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