Hello hivers friends, how are you all, are you all okay and I hope your day is always fun and happy and good luck in any case Amen..
okay friends, I want to explain a little about my post
sorry before hivers friends, I haven't posted for a long time because I'm a little busy.Looking for daily needs and don't have time to look for materials that I want to plot even though I really want to post about new things here but yeah that's it buddy, a little of my vent, and Okay, hivers friends, wherever you are, I just want to explain a little about the process of taking pictures that I post, when I pause or take a break from my work and I saw a butterfly that was silent also kept going slowly and I took it and the butterfly was really wild and I was sweating to take a picture of it and I didn't give up and Keep chasing it for me to take a picture, thank goodness I can finally take a picture of the butterfly And this is the result I shot

it's really beautiful to look at in my eyes when I see how about you

And I saw a beautiful itchy caterpillar on a leaf and then I took my cellphone and I took a picture of the caterpillar and it was quite beautiful after I took the photo

And I also saw grasshoppers on the side of the house and I took pictures of the grasshoppers and this is the result

Beautiful butterfly😊

And I saw a kind of small spider on the floor of the house and I took a picture of it

That's all for now. Thank you to all of you who have stopped here, I hope your day is full of meaning.

See you again in the next post
Regards @aly.stor

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