Sunset and Changes - Sunday Freewrite


Sunsets are one of these things that make us human - to watch the setting sun at the end of a day - whether it's been a good day, or a bad one... Sunsets usually bring a sense of relief that the day is finally done and it's time to rest. When we get up the next morning, we can have a new day, a new outlook, the chance to make changes - hopefully for the better.

Is your sunset today bringing about the end of a good one or a bad one?

I recently "woke up" and realized that I was in a bad one - and that the only thing that could change was how I could deal with it. Personality disorders are one of those categories of things you cannot change in another person - and even they cannot change it without a lot of professional help. Unfortunately, most do not seek help - nor will admit that it might even help them. In a support group I'm in, it's said that 99% of those with both Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder will ever be treated effectively enough to be able to have a healthy romantic relationship with another human being. Yet, those two disorders often coexist in the same person.

At some point in the future, I will write more on the topics of borderline personality disorder and narcissism, but did you realize that narcissists are a bit different than what people tend to think? That their "grandiosity" is actually a cover for a severe lack of self-esteem? And that there are multiple types of narcissism, one of which masquerades as being quiet and reflective? Yet, this type has the same poisons that the more grandiose types! So, just because you know what the main one is (my first husband), doesn't mean you know what the other types look like...

The other sad thing is that both of these personalities - of all types within the disorders - like to feed off the same type of person - one who is caring, empathetic, and vulnerable in one way or another. And the story seems to always end the same way...

So, as I schedule this post, I'm preparing to leave this second marriage - because, once again, I've fallen victim to someone who doesn't understand what love means... doesn't have enough emotional stability to give me what I need... nor the emotional maturity to know how to grow up. He needs professional help, but given that he doesn't take care of his physical body, it's highly unlikely that he will take care of his emotional one.

By the time you read this, I'll be in a different state, different time zone, beginning a new life adventure with my daughters and our animals (most of them, anyway)... looking for paid work and a place to live, as quickly as possible.

More photography (under a new series) will come soon thereafter. We will make this good!


Photos taken near Custer, South Dakota, in August 2021 with my Nikon D7200.

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