New Life as Fall Takes Hold in Wisconsin - Sunday Freewrite

The girls began school this week in our new town. It caused a good amount of anxiety to begin with, but both are making friends and my older daughter gets to ride horses in one of her classes (how many high schools offer that?!)

We've also moved into the apartment we will stay in for the next three months as part of a transitional housing program since I moved without being able to get housing or work lined up first. (Not ideal, but sometimes these things happen in the wrong order.) I have these three months (rent-free) to get working and save up to be able to get into a place of our own. It was the sort of "leg-up" we needed. This apartment is super close to my younger daughter's school, so she can walk to/from school. The elder will take a bus from one of the corners near us. Now, I can feel happier about life in general as the temperatures begin to drop for winter and I get things set up for the future in Wisconsin.

First priorities were to get some of our things out of storage in Ashland (two hours away) and decorate for Halloween! I'll also hit the ground with more job applications on Monday.

Here are some autumnal pictures I captured on one of my walks this past week.




Photos taken in September 2021 with my Samsung NX11.

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