Painting a 2D Iron Dagger in real time. [ Game Asset ]

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I always had trouble following live painting videos on youtube, because majority of them are speed up. Almost you cant see what the artist is doing. In this video I wanted to show you the entire process uncut, unedited and real-time. This gives the opportunity to see and understand the each step better.

This is a Iron Dagger painting from scratch. I didn't have a spesific shape for the dagger before I begin. I pick my colors before I start. I have collection of similar art pieces in my computer for creating collor pallets . I am color blind I cant pick colors by myself. This is the way I work. You might want to pick different colors for your paintings. Thats fine.

I begin with simple sketch and slowly paint the dagger in layers. I also recorded my pen movements to help you undertstand the process better.

XP Pen deco 03 Graphic tablet
Adobe Photoshop CC

The wheel on the tablet changes the brush size when I rotate it.

Stay with art and stay healthy !

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