[ Tutorial ]Painting a 2D Iron Axe in real time.

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You can watch the dagger's video in my previous post.

This is a new addition to the previous drawing of Iron Dagger. If you are new to digital painting, follow this Iron Axe tutorial. I always had trouble following painting tutorials on youtube because majority of them are speedup and you almost cant see what the artist is doing.

Enjoy the tutorial, uncut, unedited and in real time. No talking, No intro, No outro. Just pure art. I begin with simple sketch and slowly paint the axe in layers. I also recorded my pen movements to help you undertstand the process better.

XP Pen deco 03 Graphic tablet
Adobe Photoshop CC

The wheel on the tablet changes the brush size when I rotate it.To pick the colors with eyedropped tool while you are painting with the brush press ALT key. I am using Evenant Concept Art Brush pack


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