Painting a 2D Iron Armor in real time. [ Game Asset ] #4

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In this tutorial I am gonna paint an Armor piece. Chest armor spesificly. As always I didnt have any particular design in my mind when I start to draw. I design as I go in the spot. This allow me to sharpen my creativity and show you the exact process of how I paint. I use a reference body shape. Draw the general sketch of the armor on top of the body reference. That way I dont have to worry about anathomy and perspective etc. This took a little more time to finish compared to weapon painting. See you next time.

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XP Pen deco 03 Graphic tablet
Adobe Photoshop CC

The wheel on the tablet changes the brush size when I rotate it. To pick the colors with eyedropper tool while you are painting with the brush press ALT key. I am using Evenant Concept Art Brush pack.

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