The Agenda Behind The Coronavirus Lockdown - BANNED INTERVIEW With David Icke

Hi there, 3Speak & Hive!

We are an unofficial LondonReal account, here to support Brian Rose's call to action in a fight against censorship. interview with David Icke on the topic of 5G and Covid-19 has been deleted by Youtube - TWICE! He has had his accounts on LinkedIn, Vimeo and other social media sites shut down.

This is the reason why we decided to create a Hive/3Speak account, to make sure this information is preserved and circulated in the spirit of freedom.

NOTE: it is our hope that these videos will get a significant view count on 3Speak and maybe show Brian Rose that this is a platform to consider in his publishing arsenal. If he chooses to join 3Speak, we will gladly hand over the @londonreal account, as well as all Hive on that account.

In this video, Brian Rose and David Icke discuss the real agenda behind the coronavirus lockdown.



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