Quarantine VLOG studio update!

Quarantine update, friends! As soon as it set in just how long this was going to be, I started thinking about my space before I was thinking about boxes of toilet paper and ramen noodles […I also had those things because I was a boy scout, and “always be prepared”]. Space was of paramount importance, though. Not only enough of it, but enjoying the space I was in. I’ve wanted to turn this boring office in my house in to a recording/streaming studio, and that’s exactly what I did.

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Now that the infrastructure and knowledge of how to shoot it is in place, I’m going to start doing more recording and streaming. The hurdle was getting in front of the camera, but I’m finally at the “fuck it”, point, and no longer care if I hate my voice or the weird faces I may make while thinking. These journals are just a part of what’s to come. I’ll be doing these monthly, but now I can finally start teaching photography as well. My unique, dark pinup approach utilizing diegetic lighting alone.

In this first journal/VLOG, I talk a little about the recording space. What I wanted and what I definitely did not want. I’m currently writing a book. A fiction novel taking place in near future London. Very much a Fight Club-es breakdown of society between the haves and have nots. I’m going to be doing my first distance/FaceTime sessions next week and I have a much different approach than what I’ve seen other photographers trying. More to come, but thanks for staying in touch!

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