Lockdown - part of a creeping tyranny?

I'm Natalie, and I've been on Steemit for 3 years, under the name Natubat. But I decided to set up a different account called imagining Freedom to post my thoughts about our rights and freedoms, especially in the UK where I live.
Imagining Freedom is also the name of a new podcast I've set up.

When the lockdown happened, I really felt the need to speak out. Lockdown is a prison term. I understand that there are valid reasons for it, eg, preventing the hospitals from being overwhelmed. I have accepted that, and I've been following the lockdown and social distancing rules to the letter.

However I don't think the lockdown is the best approach. I would prefer the strategy proposed by Dr David L Katz, as described in an opinion piece in the New York Times in March (see link below).

There have been worrying warnings of recessions and even famine from the UN and the IMF, due to the coronovirus crisis.

Even before the coronavirus crisis I was concerned about the attacks on our rights, such as freedom of speech. Now this crisis has brought all of this into even sharper focus, and I want to make sure that this doesn't become a kind of creeping tyranny.

I go into all these issues in more detail in my podcast, which is called Imagining Freedom. You can down this podcast from several podcatchers, or at my website:


David L Katz op-ed in New York Times:

David L Katz interview on YouTube:

IMF warns of the worst recession since the Great Depression:

UN's Head of Food warns of a famine of biblical proportions

UK Coronavirus Bill

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