Straturday. Two Princes - One New Camera Angle

It's been a busy week. I missed last Straturday as we had stocktake where I work. It's always a bit of a stressful time with 2 different factors. One is the process, there is always something that goes wrong and that gets better every year. The other is the result which could go either way. The business always says what is needed is an accurate result. That is the purpose of a stocktake. However no one is popular announcing a loss.

This year we had very few issues with the process and ended with a positive result. Winner winner chicken dinner. I was knackered by the time we finished up.

This is another song we used to play in band many moons ago that again I never learnt the solo to. Just kind of fumbled through with something that kind of fit.

I learnt it best I could note for note. There are a couple of funny timing bits that were tricky to get down, but here it is!

Enjoy the solo and the rest of the weekend people!

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