Straturday - Weekends half way there

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We're in lockdown again and this time it doesn't seem to be working that well. In the past they've been looking at the number of infections go down but with this new delta variant numbers still seem to climb. So while the weekends half way there our vaccination rate is not. Australia positioned itself well early on but I feel that this lead to vaccination complacency by both the community and government.

For a long time I’ve been a weekly trip to the shops away from being a hermit and to be honest I quite like it like that. My family does not agree and my son in particular who is doing year 12 wants to get back to school, not only for studying, but to be part of the celebrations of the end of his schooling.

Who knows, maybe someday soon vaccinations will allow things to get back to some kind of normal, whatever that is.

I’ve been practicing guitar quite a bit lately, but not any songs in particular and came across this backing track which again we used to play in a band with the guitar bits played very incorrectly which is a bit of a shame cause looking back, it’s not that hard. The solo is short and just a tricky chromatic at the end. And what’s not to like about late 80’s Bon Jovi eh?

Enjoy! Go enjoy the rest of the weekend, grow a mullet, and listen to Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet album!

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