53 ADMITTED & Documented False Flag Attacks From The History Of Our World.

One of the reasons that it took me and so many others to even think of the possibility that 911 was a staged 'inside job' was that we had never heard of 'false flag' violence. Now though, we know differently and today I was pointed to a page that has done a good job of listing 53 of them that have actually been admitted to by those involved!

A False Flag Attack is a violent action that is carried out by a group such as a government/military and which is designed to look like it was carried out by a different group who are, in fact, innocent. The idea is that the target group can then be blamed for something they didn't do (like the A-team) and then attacked by the original aggressor in a way that is now 'justifiable' via the propaganda machinery of the day.

Despite these kinds of underhanded and extremely dangerous/dishonourable actions apparently being pretty common throughout history - often being used to start major wars - they are mostly missing from our history textbooks and only recently have become popularly known and understood.

As you will see on the following linked page, all of these groups have admitted to using false flag methods - which could be argued to amount a treasonous action in some areas and which have killed millions upon millions of us and put millions at risk in their own home nations.. Sometimes the attacks have even targetted people from the aggressor's home population!

Guilty parties

  • Japanese Military
  • German Nazi Military
  • Soviet Military
  • British Government
  • Israeli Terrorists
  • American Government & CIA
  • Turkish Government
  • NATO
  • German Post-War Government
  • Israeli Government
  • South African Apartheid Government
  • Algerian Army
  • Indonesian Army
  • Russian KGB
  • Macedonian Government
  • Italian Government
  • Canadian Police
  • British Police
  • Egyptian Government
  • Colombian Army
  • Saudi Arabian 'Royals'
  • Ukranian Government

False Flag Events

The scope of activities is wide ranging - including the placing of illegal materials on people's computers to get them arrested, through to outright acts of full scale war. Some include:

  • Initiation of the Vietnam War (US created false flag)
  • Nazi Germans burning their own government buildings to blame on communists, plus faking an attack by the Polish to justify invasion.
  • Russian shelling of a Russian village, blamed on Finland to justify the invasion of Finland.
  • British government attacked ships of Jews and then created a fake Arab group to 'take credit' for it.
  • Israel planted bombs and tried to frame Arabs in Egypt - but got caught.
  • NATO, with American assistance targeted innocents with bombs in Italy to try to frame communists to drum up anti-communist sentiment.

The list, sadly, goes on and on. America features perhaps the most heavily and I would add a few extra ones on there to - including most recently the American creation of ISIS - whom a whistleblower from the US military has made clear are being funded directly by the CIA, via swiss banks.

You can find the full list of 53 here

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