A heart sold to the worst scammer


This story is based on a true story which happened to me. I'm sure you've seen news in the mainstream media of my story. I had gone to India and was tricked into getting a surgery on my heart. This surgery was not authorized in my country and was done illegally. I was immediately taken to the hospital and given anti-biotics and the following the surgery, I was given strong medication to ensure the infection in my heart could not spread. I had to go through another surgery and remained in the hospital for a month. I almost lost my life because of the operation. I had a very good friend. He was a millionaire. He was Christian. One day, he came to my house and he was crying. He told me that his friend's father had suffered a heart attack and he had given him a part of his own heart. He had saved his friend's father. I was so touched by his friend's father's act of love. He had not left his friend's father to die. He had been saved. I told him I wanted to see what proof he had of that. My friend then took me to the hospital where his friend's father was and on the way, he bought 2 heart shaped teddy bears and gave them to me. I went to the hospital and saw the friend. He told me that the heart-shape teddy bears are proof that his friend's father had been saved. I was so moved by this. In that moment, I realized how wonderful of a person he was. He had not forgotten about the love he had felt for his friend's father. He had not forgotten how he felt when he was told about his father's heart attack. He had not forgotten his friend.

After some time, when I had recovered, I decided to ask him why he did it. He said that he did it because his friend had said to him, "You have to give me back my heart." His friend's father's heart had stopped beating for 18 months. A man had knocked on his friend's father's door and he had lied to him and tricked him into giving his heart to him. I was so shocked by this. I could not believe that someone could play such a cruel game and play with the emotions of people. I was sure that no-one could be so cruel. I asked my friend to take me to the house of that man. We went together and we got to his house. I saw him. He was fat and ugly. I even had a chance to look at his face. That face was ugly and it was not human. I was shaken by the sight of the person. I looked at his house, the same person had a heart of gold. A genuine heart of gold. I was so emotional that my friend asked me to come back to India.

He gave me a job. I started working at his company in India. I worked from sunrise to sunset. I worked the whole week so that I could go back to India and find this man. I found his house and I waited for him. I would take photos of him everyday and I sent them to his friend. After a few months, he decided to trap him. He trapped him and put him in a jail. He did everything to protect his friend's father. The real owner of the heart. he gave me a job to manage the company.

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