The sound of sodical hinmo


In the early morning, with the sun rising, the mist completely hides the city which couldn't be heard from this place. The green grass of the meadows had caught a scent of cold morning.

"It's been a while, has it not, Priestess Yukino."

"It has been 5 years since the last time we met, right?"

"Yes. We'd met only at the coronation ceremony after I was made the Sora-nin [Ninja-Messenger]. "

"So you've become a person of trusted position, huh?"

Yukino seems haughty. Her large chest does not seem to shrink in a weird way.

"It doesn't seem like I was able to have any relationship with the Emperors, sis." Yukino said.

"I think you're still pretty humble."

"I don't want to be at the very top."

"Because a person like that would be extremely arrogant?"

"It's because you were being too high-profile."

Yukino sends a glance to her sister.

"You were all the time using your authority from the moment the war turned into a succession conflict. I haven't heard anything new from you."

"I do have some good news though. Let's them hear about the new rule that's been decided."

"What is it?"

"We have finally found the definition of a God's existence.

"Ar, a god?

"Yes. A God always has a special power that nobody other than them can understand."

"So, you mean we won't be able to understand a God's existence?"

"God has a mysterious power. But, it's not different from Magic. It isn't something we have never seen before. And of course, that power is very valuable."

"That power is more valuable than other powers, huh?"

"Anyway, please hear the rules, Priestess Yukino."

"Rules? I don't understand."

"The rule that has been decided is that a God's power will be exchanged for a reward. The higher the level of the God, the bigger the reward will be. It is a system that presents the blessing of the Gods to the world."

"Then, I assume the following actions will be accepted?"

"Of course. All of them, it's a form of worship.

"If you worship, your wish will come true... I'd like to see how the worship is going to be."

"By worshipping a god, a person will be blessed. Furthermore,to answer to the Gods supplication, a prayer will be allowed as long as it does not go against the God's blessing."

"Huh, we have decided to make a shrine to a god?"

"...Didn't I say it?"

"Will the land form a few days ago be the Shrine of the Emperor? Ahehehe."

"You're laughing for no good reason. I just want the Gods to be closer to us."

"I thought about doing that for a while. But I can't believe you did it. So, you decide to buy a huge plot of land and build the Shrine of a god."

"If we buy a new land you can build a new Shrine, right?"

"The person who made this rule is me, you know? If anybody can produce the God's power, that person gets the reward. Is it right?"

"That's right, I've decided that the religion of the Emperor is the only one that's authorized.

"No, I didn't mean that. I just wanted to say that the God's existence is not always a good thing. The blessings can be very dangerous. Is there anything for the bad side?"

"There will be nothing. I, the Emperor, have seen the God. It could be good anymore."

"By that, there won't be any bad side?"

"I understand what you're saying, but there's only the shiny side."

"You certainly have a high opinion, huh."

"It's because I am the Emperor."

"Well, if you really believe it, I will believe it too."

"Then, I can finally build the Shrine of the God, right?"

"Yeah, go for it. You're probably going to win the reward."

"...I haven't expected something like a capital."

"I, the Emperor, have decided to have skyscrapers as the necessary requirement.

"Hmm, I don't know if it is a good or bad thing... Maybe it's both."

"You're able to do it. I believe in you."

"Thank you, sis."

"Hmm, it's not necessary for me to say that, you know?"

"Anyway, I think there are a few more things to say... Currently, one of them is the superstition. You are going to announce the existence of the God or not, right?"

"I can't deny that there's no truth that exists. But, I don't think that I should do it.

"Why not?"

"I can't, because it would be a bad joke."

"A bad joke?"

"If we create a God in this world, it would become a big joke. I can't do that..."

"That would be bad, I think."


There's a mischievous smile in Yukino's face. For the first time, Akiko sees her sister's expression.

"After that, there's nothing left to do but the preparation for building the Shrine. Akiko doesn't have to bother with anything, so she should go back to sleep."

"It's not at all late where I am."

"No, Akiko is the daughter of an Emperor... You could not do anything."

"Um, if I don't accompany you. What would happen?"

"You can't do anything, so no problem."


"Akiko had become a very beautiful girl, but that won't give you the right to interfere with other people.

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