Michelle Gibson on the Tinfoil Hat Podcast: Hidden History, the Year 1717, Architecture, and More - Ep. #491


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Definitely something that makes you think big.

As the podcast host himself, Sam Tripoli, would say, "This is black belt level conspiracy," or the deep end of the pool. In these conspiracy-riddled-and-debated times we are living in, sometimes it can be nice to let the brain and mental perspective zoom out into something this epic.

Hidden or hijacked history is really the core of this one. I have been hearing a few researchers over the last year or so present theories similar to this one, to discuss a great society (or societies) that spanned the globe before us, perhaps more recently than we realize.

Technology, architecture, the World Fairs, giants, and more come up here.

I have heard others connect Nikola Tesla to some of this even.

TFH Podcast, Ep. #491:

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