243 Ammo: The Forgotten Caliber History of 243 Ammo Explained

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In 1955, Winchester introduced the .243 for two of their rifles, the bolt action Model 70 and the lever action Model 88. Known for its efficiency, the cartridge enjoys a positive reputation today, and all major American manufacturers of ammunition sell the caliber with a large array of bullet weights and types.

The .243 Winchester was the first centerfire rifle for many shooters. And for many of them, it was also the caliber they used to take their first deer. The case is a necked-down .308 that provides ample room for the powder that pushes these light, small bullets to peak performance – allowing it to take a spectrum of animals, from varmints to predators and deer (some hunters have even successfully taken an elk with this round).

The .243 has a light recoil and hits the target with high accuracy. It performs well out to 200 yards and beyond on deer-sized game – some hunters claim to regularly take whitetail deer at 400 yards. The LAPD Special Weapons And Tactics unit employed the cartridge in urban counter-sniper roles soon after the creation of the unit.

All major firearms manufacturers have a least one rifle chambered in the .243, often with many different choices for action type. And it's just as easy to find the ammunition, with a variety of choices unrivaled by other cartridges for sale today. This availability is likely due to shooters having popularized the .243 Winchester for its light recoil and ability to hunt virtually any North American game animal at close to medium range – and they will likely continue to demand this capable cartridge for many years to come.

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