Hello everyone! I am finally kickin' here on Hive after a few days signing up on this platform. I already had my nerve to introduce myself and share my thoughts with you. I am Chris as my blog name implies - Chriscapes, with the word "scapes" which will be the core of my future blogs: sharing wonderful land"scapes" from my climbing adventures or shall I say my stress-relieving e"scapes".


I am now in my quarter life and thanks to God for sustaining His wonderful mercies. I am a Civil Engineer working in a government agency in Cebu. I am privileged to be part of the Hydrology and Waterworks Division where its function is to design a reliable water distribution system to supply several remote communities in the province that needs access of clean water. The nature of the job I am in jived with my nomadic attitude that loves going out to different unfamiliar places.


I just feel happier doing out-of-the door activities and starts going out of my shell. It is not long ago that I am fond of getting out into nature and capturing wonderful sceneries each time I will have my outdoor de-stressing like hiking, mountain climbing, river-trekking and visiting uncharted ranges. This is my perfect way of seeking physical and mental refreshments.

2019-09-15 11.25.12 1-01.jpeg

There’s just something magical and somewhat comes with relieving sensation that you find yourself wanting for more with these kind of trips every now and then after a very busy and fast-paced life in the city. Through this, I get to value and appreciate everything what nature has in store for us and the chance to contemplate on yourself. Moreover, you will be amazed and fascinated on how this gift of nature were fearfully and wonderfully made in detail by our Master Artist -- God. Looking at nature’s changing canvass of hills, seas and plains, it truly defines His infinite love and faithfully declares His power and glory. His creation are so wonderful, how much is He?


Recently, my colleague @sassycebuana introduced me on this blogging media and encourages me to join Hive as well. While assessing and figuring out on how this platform works, I was very glad to find a medium to channel my untold experiences during my nerve-wracking excursions. Since then, I start to get excited and thrilled coz I had in mind what would be my appeal on my posts later on. So, this is the way of saying, “Hello Hive Cebu!” and stay tuned on my next blog, claiming to many more of these to come! 😉

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