Expect Heavy Drop In Hive Curation Rewards After HF25

Will voting still be worth the powering up?

Voting On Hive

I am not earning anymore by voting on Hive. Nothing changed on Steem nor Blurt. I strongly suspect HF25 of being responsible for the change.

Image source: HiveStats.io

Should I stop my voting service and curation reward sharing service? Will voting still be worth the powering up, knowing that I post so little? Or should I start posting every day?

Trading With Hive

@quicktrades doesn't earn by trading in the Hive internal market anymore since it was taken by @hbdstabilizer. QuickTrades is still working well with Steem. It's up to me to improve it for Hive!

Investing In Hive

Is the point in investing money in Hive now only in the ARP generated by the staked HIVE and saved HBD?

Are you also concerned by these changes? Positively or negatively?

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